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5 Ways to Enjoy Siesta Key in the Fall

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September 29, 2021

Around the country, fall is signaled by cool temps, fuzzy sweaters, crisp autumn air, and the vibrant hues of the turning leaves, but in Siesta Key, it’s a little different. The fall season shows itself through mild temps and sunny days, plus brisk evening air, perfect for spending time in nature. Make the summer last a little longer when you escape to the sunny shores of Siesta Key in the fall! 

bicycle on the beach at Siesta Key in the fall

Enjoy the Beach

Ideal temperatures combined with warm sunshine make fall a great time for a Siesta Key beach day. With summer crowds gone, beachgoers can grab their favorite sandy spot and enjoy a day of sunbathing, saltwater, and relaxation without the peak season competition. As you head to the beach, be on the lookout for an autumn specialty, sea grapes. These plump native grapes grow wild along the coastline during the fall, and locals look forward to picking them for a unique sea grape jelly.

Perfect Weather for Biking in Siesta Key

Get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm air on one of the scenic biking trails. Spend a day exploring the coast when you head to Legacy Trail. Easily accessed with a trailhead not too far from Siesta Key, the paved route is over 10 miles long and offers several hours to stop and enjoy a picnic with beautiful views. Or take it easy and enjoy a short sunset ride on the beach.

Bird Watching Paradise

Siesta Key is a bird watcher’s dream! Hosting a diverse population year-round, during the fall, you can catch thousands of species flying in from the cooler temperatures of the north to enjoy the pleasant weather and sunshine that Florida offers.

Autumn Produce at the Siesta Key Farmer’s Market 

Mild weather gives Florida farmers the ability to grow an abundant harvest year-round. Local producers are able to grow fall fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, peppers, and different varieties of herbs. Peruse the seasonal produce and homemade offerings from Siesta Key Farmer’s Market or experience one of the many other farmer’s markets in Sarasota County. 

Easy Fishing Trip

Book a fishing charter or find the perfect spot to cast your line inland because the slippery critters are known to bite during this time. As the days start getting shorter in Siesta Key, the water temperature begins to slowly drop, bringing the first cool breezes of winter and letting the fish population know it’s time to move to a shallower home with plenty of sunshine. Game fish can be found in as little as two feet of water during this time, which means the fish practically come to you!

Stay at Crescent Royale Condominiums

Crescent Royale Condominiums exterior
Crescent Royale Condominiums.

Complete your trip to Siesta Key in the fall with a stay at Crescent Royale Condominiums. Our property is conveniently located steps from the beach and to all of the best activities on this part of the coast. 

Our condos range from one-bedroom to 4-bedroom layouts, all with access to our on-site amenities such as our pool, gym, and tennis courts. Book your stay with us and discover all the things to do on your Siesta Key vacation.

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