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Best Places to Snorkel in Siesta Key

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March 30, 2021

Siesta Key offers one best snorkeling along Florida’s coastline. Observe life underwater and watch as schools of fish swim by including various crabs, snook, red sponges, and more. Snorkel amongst colorful coral and keep your eye out for dolphins and manatee that often frequent the waters closer to shore.

Plus, with consistently warm temperatures and clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico, snorkeling in Siesta Key is an ideal activity during your vacation. Discover active marine life and colorful coral with these places to snorkel in Siesta Key.

Point of Rocks on Siesta Key

Probably one of the most popular Siesta Key snorkeling spots is Point of Rocks. This popular location is found off the southwestern tip of Crescent Beach – three miles south of Crescent Royale Condominiums. Designated by the large formation of limestone extending past the water’s surface, many coral formations and marine life have made Point of Rocks their home. Because of the area’s shallow and clear water, the place is ideal for beginner snorkelers.

The best time to visit is in the morning when the wave action is likely to be minimal. Water depths can range from 20 feet in the deeper parts to five feet as you get closer to the rocks.

Turtle Beach

Just south of Point of Rocks lies Turtle Beach. This area of Siesta Key is popular with many outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, and snorkeling. The slightly different landscape of the beach, than that of its neighboring Siesta Key beach, offers a haven for beachcombers and snorkelers. Also, what makes Turtle Beach enjoyable is the ample parking and amenities such as public restrooms.

When to go snorkeling

The best time to snorkel is between June and September when the water is at its warmest. Strong winds can come as well from the west and storms can pick up sand and debris, minimizing visibility and lessening the experience. Be sure to avoid the water if storms are brewing or lighting is spotted nearby.

Stay at Crescent Royale Condominiums

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Crescent Royale Condominiums.

Find your favorite places to snorkel in Siesta Key during the day and spend your evening relaxing in one of our spacious condos at Crescent Royale. Enjoy all the amenities and comforts of home with oceanfront views from your lanai and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing against the shores of the number one beach in the U.S.

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